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Join us Sunday May 15th for this Transformational Event 

3pm – 5pm 



Kundalini Yoga combines dynamic movement, sound vibration, inward focus, meditation and conscious breathing to take you deeper into your authentic self.


Kundalini can be practiced at any age or fitness level. No previous experience is needed!


This workshop will give you the techniques to help strengthen your nervous system, remove emotional blocks, break through negative thought patterns and tap into your higher consciousness.


Workshop Details (2hrs)


• Learn a breif History and Philosophy of Kundalini Yoga

• Yoga Kriya Sequence to Break through Emotional Blocks

• Experience Sound, Mantra and Vibration to Clear the Chakras

• Meditation to Raise Kundalini Energy using Body Locks

• Experience a Deep Connection to your Body, Mind and Soul



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Shama Kaur is an Egyptian Certified Lead Trainer, Health & Wellness Mentor and the founder of YallaYoga. 

Pioneering the spreading to Kundalini Yoga across the Arab world, her teaching has taken her across Egypt to Dubai, Palestine, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia and Kuwait where she has delivered over 9 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Programs, training hundreds of students across the Arabic world to become teachers. 

In Arabic ‘Shams’ means sun and ‘Shama’ means candle, put them together and her name means the one who shines the light of her inner soul.

Shama has a passion for helping every soul to raise their consciousness, heal and find their path to Greatness

Shama Kaur is also the founder of YallaYoga Center, delivering professional yoga education and training. A graduate of Business Strategy and Commerce from McGill University Montreal; Shama also holds a Masters degree from King’s College London.